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 About United Doves Founder Dan Hash 
A Veteran's Story of Triumph  
2007 Race for The Cure.
Little Rock,AR
CEO/Founder, United Doves LLCTrainer
Dan in 2003.
Taken outside of Saddam International Airport.
(White Dove Mural)
Education & Accomplishments 

Daniel Hash has accomplished a lot of great things in life at an early age, and for this he is truly grateful. He is  an Eagle Scout and received this highest rank of scouting at the age of thirteen. He served a voluntary church mission for two years in the beautiful country of Portugal, becoming fluent in Portuguese. He caught his first pigeon by hand when he was just five years old, while visiting California; this is when he became fascinated with the birds.

He served six active (Honorable) years in the United States Air Force. During this time he earned three degrees, despite all the deployments to the Middle East after 9/11.

He has earned  an Audio Engineering Degree from the RRAF, an A.S. Degree in Management from Park University, an A.A.S. Degree in Aerospace Technology from the CCAF, in addition to having a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in International Business/Entrepreneurship  from Park University (Missouri).  He has also completed over 10,000 hrs of Law Course Study, and Legal work, but he has no desire to become an attorney for numerous reasons. He is a firm believer in education; it truly does open wonderful doors and opportunity, especially when combined with his experiences in the business world.

Daniel is an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran who was blessed to make it home alive. It was these birds of peace that comforted and got him through all the difficult times in Iraq. While there, he also managed to write his business plan for United Doves and was able to take this vision and make it a reality after returning home from the war.

Daniel has an extensive knowledge of the White Dove Release Industry that dates back to 1989. He has enjoyed being able to share this talent  with the many customers that he has built lasting relationships with over the many years he has been in the business.

Inspiration for United Doves  

I've had birds most of my life, but not until I was 12 years old did these birds serve a higher calling for me. At this early age, I lost my grandfather, who was a big part of my life. He accomplished many great things, including graduating from Stanford University with a Doctorate in Mining and Engineering, graduating from the University of Utah with a J.D. in Law, and speaking 5 foreign languages fluently.

My grandfather always knew about the great passion and respect I had for these birds, and when my father told me of his passing, the inspiration of a "dove release" was a natural reaction. Back in 1989, the Internet wasn't around to promote new ideas and services, and I had never heard of anyone doing a dove release. I had a flock of white homers (rare in those days) that had not been let out of their new loft for about three months (my friend told me they would fly away if I didn't keep them in longer).

After attending my grandfather's funeral service, I felt compelled to dedicate these birds to my grandfather and liberate them, just as he was liberated from physical pain and mortality. I thought if these birds are meant to stay around and not fly away, then I would keep and care for them. I liberated my whole flock the same day. All the beautiful white birds took off gracefully and flew for over 30 minutes. Then to my astonishment, after I blew the whistle to signal feeding time, and they all went right in the loft. I didn't lose a single bird!

God spoke to me through my heart on this February day in 1989, and I realized I had a gift to share with people who normally would be looking sadly down at the ground when a loved one passed away. Instead, when people looked up towards the sky and watch the birds fly, they would see hope and peace. 

I share this story because I believe this service is a type of ministry. I never started this business to make money. Instead, I began this tradition because of the symbolism, hope, and beauty it brings. I found the meaning, and then the money came -- not the other way around.

It has been a witness to me that God has many ways of manifesting himself to us through his own creations.  All that we have comes from our creator, and may all the glory we receive be directed to him. Releasing his magnificent birds are just one of many ways that glorify his name.   I truly am humbled to be  part of this wonderful service that will endure the ages of time, and last throughout all eternity.



Daniel Hash




    The Five W’s of UNITED DOVES L.L.C.   


v  WHO:  United Doves L.L.C. We are a professional and private White Dove Release Company with several franchised locations across the USA. All locations are privately owned and operated under our guidance we teach to our Franchisees.

v  WHAT: We have a combined experience of over 85 years in releasing Ceremonial White Doves which have flown for Weddings, Funerals, and other special occasions. We provide Professional White Dove Releases which create “An Inspirational Experience” for our Clients and Customers across the country. Over 15,500 Recorded White Dove Releases and counting…. and the birds are all trained to make it home safely to their loft after each release assignment. There is tremendous symbolism is releasing doves.

v  WHEN: In 1989, Daniel Hash (Founder) began releasing his “RARE” (50) White Homing Pigeons flock on a regular basis in Utah for special events as requested. As business grew solely by word of mouth, he soon became the “Go to person” for others interested in getting started in this niche business for releasing White Doves. All birds that are released at our various locations are properly trained to fly year around during daylight hours.

v  WHERE: Headquartered now outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.  We have multiple locations across the country and look forward to opening up many more locations as we move forward to expand the business efforts. The birds that are released at these various locations are all properly trained out to “Return Home” after being released. These can return home safely from hundreds of miles when trained to do so.

v  WHY: Our purpose is to fill a need which provides a beautiful service designed to bring comfort, peace, as well as inspiration to those who desire to incorporate White Doves into their ceremony or service.  There are a lot of upcoming dove release companies getting started; however, it’s very important that one is able to distinguish the Professionals from the Hobbyist’s. This is a professional business we dress and operate in, and we absolutely love what we do!! Let us help create that special moment which will be cherished for years to come with the celebration of a White Dove Release.



Professional White Dove Releases for All Occasions
An Inspirational Experience!



United Doves L.L.C.

"We are a service-connected veteran-owned business."

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