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The most requested items on a bridal registry can vary depending on individual preferences, but here are ten common items that many brides often include:

  1. Kitchen Appliances: Items like blenders, stand mixers, and coffee makers are popular choices.
  2. Cookware Sets: High-quality pots and pans are essential for a well-equipped kitchen.
  3. Dinnerware and Flatware: Sets of dishes, glasses, and silverware for formal dining.
  4. Bedding and Linens: Sheets, comforters, and towels for the bedroom and bathroom.
  5. Home Décor: Artwork, vases, and other decorative items to personalize their space.
  6. Small Appliances: Toasters, microwaves, and food processors can be handy.
  7. Glassware: Wine glasses, champagne flutes, and everyday drinking glasses.
  8. Cookbooks: Recipe books to inspire culinary adventures.
  9. Outdoor Gear: If the couple enjoys outdoor activities, camping or sports equipment.
  10. Gift Cards: Flexible options for the couple to choose what they need.

Keep in mind that these preferences can change over time, and couples may have unique items they want on their registry. It's a good idea to check the couple's registry for specific items they've chosen.

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