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 Funerals & Memorials 
A white dove release at a funeral or memorial service can bring peace and comfort to the bereaved as they watch the symbolic spirit of their loved one ascend to the heavens.
On the Wings of a Dove... 

"Oh that I had wings like a dove!
For then would I fly away,
and be at rest."
Psalms 55:6

From the beginning of time, doves have represented love, peace, and purity. When a white dove is released at funeral, it symbolizes the releasing of the spirit of the loved one. The dove release ceremony often helps those who are mourning a loss "release their loved one" in a special way, thus helping the grieving process.

During the service, a poem or scripture is read and a number of white doves are released. Next a beloved relative or friend releases a single white dove. As the doves are united, the angels escort the loved one on their spiritual journey home.

We hope to make the release a special moment for everyone attending the service as they watch the angels ascend into the heavens. May this experience bring peace and comfort in time of need.

Funeral Packages 

 1 Dove Funeral Release
At the gravesite, a single dove is released from a decorative basket representing the spirit of the loved one.

2 Dove Funeral Release
At the gravesite, 2 doves are released to return on their journey home.

4 Dove Funeral Release
At the gravesite, 3 doves are released, from a decorative basket, symbolizing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Then a be-loved relative or friend releases a single dove, from a decorative basket, representing the spirit of the loved one. The single dove joins the other three as they circle over head and they embark on their spiritual journey home.

United Angels Escort
10-20 doves are released from a decorative basket at the graveside, and circle overhead. Then a beloved relative or friend releases a single white dove. The doves then unite, symbolizing the angels escorting your loved one on their spiritual journey home.

21 Dove Salute
THIS RELEASE IS AVAILABLE ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED IN THE ARMED FORCES (OR OTHER PUBLIC SERVICE), AS THEY HAVE EARNED THIS SPECIAL HONOR. At the gravesite, either following taps or a moment of silence, 21 doves are released as a symbolic final appreciation for serving our country or community.

Not all franchisees offer all packages. Please check with the franchisee in your area for details. Dove releases beyond a franchisee's service area (typically 60 miles) typically are charged at the minimum 4 Dove Release price, or higher.

Dove Release prices range from $225 to $600, depending on location and number of doves released. Please contact your nearest United Doves franchise for pricing and details.

P.K. Miller Mortuary- Michael

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